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See our diverse range of books, covering winebeer, olive oil, cooking with wine, International languages, links…
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A range of short courses available for wine, beer and food production.
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Welcome to Cellar Plus - Online
Your D.I.Y Wine, Beer and Food Equipment specialists.

From the small...

Whether you're a beverage producer or consumer, you’ll love the products our site can offer… from the home hobbyist to large quantity producers we can supply your every need...

...To the very large

Where ever your D.I.Y passions lie,
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Looking for a unique gift for your wine or beer enthusiast friend? You are sure to find something here. We also carry a variety of specialty giftware and books.

Proudly supplying customers Australia wide over 40 years, our DIY products can now also be purchased online. So please enjoy browsing our e store and contact us for assistance with your DIY passion or gift purchase.
Want to chat to other DIY enthusiasts or get quick feed back and advice? Why not join our chat room discussions today.

Let Us Help You!

DIY for all seasons. WHATS ON NOW - Australia!
Wine Beer Food Gifts Spirits

Wine Fermentation:
Short courses, Demonstrations & Wine test service.

“Now Available”
Cool climate grapes area still have grapes to process if you need to make more wine !

Anytime is a good time for Stout recipes.

Hey hop freaks – You should try “fuggled” your next brew.

585ml Pint glasses now in!

I grow olives- so I should pick & pickle them. How about making olive oil?

Now-Gotta da tomato SAUCE!!

Where’s the machine to make-da pasta.

Indulge yourself:
Great wines needs the best glass . Best Value on offer.

Honey , buy me a wine fridge… or I will have to dig out a cellar under the house!

It’s Raining! So Card nite @ my place!

Fellas- Lets blend up the finest whiskey.

30 ml Shots – “My straight beats your 2 pair”

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