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Viticultural Products
For those who have experience the satisfaction and achievement of producing their own wine , olive oil or fruit jam, know that the most important part to producing an excellent finished product is to ensure you first have a good harvestů

At Cellar Plus, we too share your passion for DIY.

So once you have prepared the land for the forthcoming harvest, we are able to assist you with a series of supplies from vineyard netting, picking snips and harvesting buckets, stackable crates and mega pallet bins and more.

For olives trees we also supply hand and electric systems for picking the olives off in a quick and simple manner, without damaging the root system.

Its as equally important to prune and manage the vineyard in the winter months. We stock a series of high end secateurs, saws and loppers that are known to preform well every time. There are even portable electric and pneumatic models available to make long jobs, easier and quicker to complete.

While it is best to try be as organic in the vineyard as possible, sometimes to avoid the number of pests and that attack the trees before and after rain, we supply a range of hand spraying units and fungicide powders to protect your harvest when required.

Viticultural Products
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