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Home Brewing Equipment

If you’re searching to make and taste some of the world’s best beers, Cellar Plus is for you! Home brewing is at your finger tips with a large selection of Brew kit concentrates, malt grains and all the requirements for your home brew set up. With avid brewers on staff we can show you how easy it is to create the best craft brew. Having a party or setting up a bar? Enquire about hiring or purchasing the equipment required to dispense fresh beer from a keg.

Spirit essences blending
While legally in Australia you can not produce your own Alcohol above 20% v/v as they are allowed in New Zealand ( See your own local country laws ), you can be a master blender of fine spirits and liqueurs using the vast range of essences on the market. So using your own bought Vodka or Grappa’s these essences will allow you to transform your bar. (Everything from Anice to Whisky type flavours / estratti )

Making liquers
Lower alcohol liqueurs can also be blended by reducing Vodka with water to 21% and filtering with a Carbon treatment before finally adding the glucose and peach Schnapps essence. Truly the quality is amazing. The exceptional flavours and smooth finish is as equal to that produced by a traditional reflux still . Plus, ‘Ready To Drink’ ULD type spirit mixer drinks ( RTD ‘s) can be legally fermented using TURBO Yeasts and essences . Contact us for more information.

Home Brewing Equipment
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