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Book Reviews
The quality of the wine you make is limited only by the quality of the grapes, and your palate. This book is the standard reference on tasting for winemakers and is a most useful guide to improving your palate.
There has never been a comprehensive guide to the diseases, pests and disorders of grapevines in Australia and New Zealand. This text has been compiled by researchers from Primary Industries, South Australia, and is designed to provide a practical manual for identifying, preventing and controlling diseases and pests. Each section has information on identifying, monitoring and controlling the disease or pest, and is copiously illustrated with high quality illustrations in full colour. The emphasis is on providing practical advice to growers, but the book will prove an invaluable text for students of viticulture around the world. A whole section of the book is devoted to spraying technique, and another gives a full listing of chemicals and their application.
The authors, from the South Australian Research and Development Institute, Loxton, and Agriculture Victoria, Sunraysia Horticultural Research Institute, aimed to develop a practical tool for grapegrowers to identify diseases, pests and disorders - a fundamental aspect of efficient vineyard management. The result is this sturdy, pocket-sized guide, containing more than 350 full colour photographs accompanied by short, easily read descriptions of most diseases, pests and disorders found in the vineyard. It is a companion to Diseases and Pests (Nicholas, Magarey and Wachtel) and contains cross-references to the larger publication, but stands alone as an easy to use field guide.
For the more experienced grapegrower this book summarizes the technical options available for all common viticultural operations. For the newcomer to grapegrowing it provides a step-by-step guide to becoming and staying a profitable producer. Emphasis is on practicality, economics and sustainability.
In this booklet you will find information ranging from site selection, typical activities in vineyard establishment and financial information right through to how different varieties are performing and a quick look at the popular NSW grapegrowing areas. A good starting point.
Varieties include the red grapes Dolcetto, Barbera, Nebbiolo, Sangiovese and two white varieties, Arneis and Vernaccia di San Gimignano. Italian winegrape varieties may figure more prominently in Australian viticulture in the coming years and this book reveals which areas are most suitable for their cultivation in Australia.
Winner of OIV Award for Viticulture. This handbook sets out the principles of canopy management to improve winegrape yield and quality. Covers canopy microclimate, methods of vineyard quality assurance, and techniques to improve canopy microclimate which emphasize new trellis systems. The final section details how winegrape trellis systems can be economically constructed. Illustrations and photographs ensure the concepts are easily understood.
Winner of OIV Award for Viticulture. The definitive text on Australian viticulture, Volume 1 deals with soils, planting material, climate, taxonomy, phenology, varieties, rootstocks and site selection.
Volume 2 covers the practical aspects of operating a vineyard and getting the best from grapes. It deals with propagation, establishment, trellising, pruning, canopy management, irrigation, soil management, nutrition, pests, diseases, harvesting, drying of dried fruit.
Invaluable book for anybody using oak barrels. Covers in depth all aspects of barrel use, maintenance and repair.
Essential reference book for anyone making wine in Australia.
Basic winemaking at home from fruit, flowers, vegetables and grapes. As well as having a good range of recipes, this book outlines the principles of winemaking, explains the equipment and techniques required and contains a glossary of winemaking terms.
Essential reference for boutique sparkling winemaking.
Expanded and revised edition on how to make red and white wine from the grapes of small vineyards. An experienced home winemaker, John Dixon shares his knowledge and expertise so that others can know the pleasure of making wine from their own vines. He says 'By adhering to the fundamental practices detailed here, the amateur winemaker can, without difficulty, produce a quality product.'
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